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About Job To Career

A Passionate Team

Welcome to Job To Career! We’re a people-first recruitment agency (team of passionate individuals) that does things a little differently, specialising in both permanent and contract placements in sales, luxury retail and marketing.

Our goal is simple - to connect reputable businesses with the brightest talent while making the process as human and enjoyable as possible. To guarantee enjoyable, plain sailing on the recruitment voyage, we aim to rid the process of any fluff, salesy nonsense, cold calling, unwanted pressure, thoughtlessness or complacency.

It’s all about creating long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships between top-tier talent and forward-thinking companies. Our cherished clients see us as an extension of their business, which must mean we’re doing something right! We’re super flexible and enjoy working closely with our partners to understand their work, objectives and requirements in order to supply the strongest candidates time and time again.

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The same goes for placing talented candidates. Securing that next big career move shouldn’t be a stressful, gruelling experience. It should be seamless, exciting, and feel like talking to a wise and experienced long-time friend.

Before beginning the search for your dream job with us, we want to get to know you - the real you! Whether we’re catching up over Zoom, a coffee, or a cocktail, we’ll dig deeper into your wants, needs, talents, experiences, and motivations to make absolutely sure we only introduce you to the opportunities that will fit like a glove and allow you to flourish.


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Whether you have no idea who or what you’re looking for, or you’re ready to share detailed requirements and your life story, we want to hear from you!

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Still unsure what we’re about?

These five core values represent us perfectly

  • Respect: We value our people, encouraging development and rewarding performance. We respect our clients’ expectations and always strive to meet them.
  • Flexibility: We empower our employees with a culture that promotes an optimal work/life balance, with flexible working hours that ensures our candidates and clients can discuss work at a time suitable for them.
  • Investment: We are invested in you - our candidates and clients, and particularly, our own passionate team. If we work with you, know that we’ll be invested from day one.
  • Passion: it is said that the person who loves their job, never works a day in their life. We want you to enjoy what you do, so our aim is to find your ideal career and put you on the right path for future development. Within our own team, we also want to ensure our employees are as happy as those we are finding new opportunities for, and we always aim to be a company that other companies enjoy working with.
  • Aiming high: To us, the sky's the limit - and nothing should hold you back. So, whether you work for us, or with us, we’ll work together to reach your full potential.

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